One of the attractions not to be missed if you are in Slovenia is Vintgar Gorge. It is located not far from Bled, and is a natural gorge running through the Hom and Boršt Hills for about 1.6km with the stunning Radovna River coursing along it.

The gorge was discovered by Jakob Žumer of Gorje and became accessible to tourists in the 1890’s by the implementation of wooden walkways. It is now a popular destination attracting large amounts of tourists every year.


The start is at Podhom (the western entrance) and here you are able to park and leave your car. You can then buy a ticket which also provides insurance for you should something happen.


As you walk along the trail you will have lush vegetation either side and steep rock walls.


One thing that is truly striking is the water colour, which is a delicious green that almost makes you want to go in it.


All along the sides are wooden walkways (also called Žumer Galleries). These allow you to gaze down at the rush of water beneath your feet and simply admire where you are.

Views of Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia

The gorge is extremely photogenic and you will find yourself constantly stopping to take pictures, or just relax and listen to the roar of the rapids.


Along the route towards the end you will see this wonderful arched Bohinj Railway bridge, and below one of the many waterfalls lining the route.


At the very end of the trail is the Šum waterfall, which is actually the highest river waterfall in Slovenia. To get to this you will need to leave the last exit. Visit the links further below to see pictures of this waterfall.


The trail is closed during the winter months. To plan your visit or to find out more about the opening times, contact the local office below:
Gorje Tourist Information Center
Tel. : ++386 4 572 52 66

For more information on Vintgar Gorge visit the Tourism websites at

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