Tucked away in central Idaho is a secret resort that precious few people know about: the Salmon River Lodge Resort. Rugged and remote, this lodge-style destination is a rugged, waterfront slice of paradise that is immersed in all of the natural wonders of Idaho’s wildest terrain. It’s so remote, in fact, that it can only be reached by boat! Here, guests can enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and hunting… But perhaps just as importantly, take some time to escape the day to day grind and enjoy the bountiful beauty and nature that Idaho has to offer in its truest form. In short, this hidden resort in Idaho is the perfect place to go to get away from it all.

At the end of a long week when you need to just get away from it all, there’s nothing better than escaping to a remote mountain cabin for some R&R.


But what if this could be your backyard during your stay?


The Salmon River Lodge Resort is a unique haven that is as secluded as they come.


The only way to get here? Navigating up the river by boat.

Sitting on the edge of Corn Creek and the Salmon River and nestled against the remote Frank Church Wilderness, your stay here will take you literally miles away from civilization…


And drop you right in the heart of Idaho’s most rugged wilderness.


The isolation makes this resort especially unique: it’s fully energy self-sufficient, and completely modernized. Meaning, no outhouses or water pumping, despite its remote location.

Your backyard will also look something like this.


This resort makes the perfect basecamp for exploring Idaho’s most rugged backcountry. But you’ll find some really charming surprises and secret oases along the way.


And your view will look something like this.


The motto of this cozy lodge: “Discover the wild, in style.”

Here, it’s all about guided jet boat tours down the river.


You’ll see historic pictographs, ruins, wildlife, and so much more. Plus, a hot dutch oven meal that will blow your mind!

It’s about soaking in the natural hot springs that are just outside your front door.


It’s about drinking in the magnificence of Idaho’s wild and treasured landscape.


And of course, lounging with a view.


Multiple cabins and family-sized suites offer plenty of roomy lodging for visitors, full kitchens included.


Not that you’ll need it! The main lodge offers full service dining.

And the road to get here is as exhilarating as they come.


It’s casual luxury at its finest.


You can find more info about the Salmon River Lodge Resort on their website. But while you’re heading to our state’s largest slice of preserved wilderness for an incredible vacation, how about a challenging hike to the most isolated spot in Idaho? It’s absolutely breathtaking!


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