From storing boarding passes to housing endless knowledge about their next destination, a traveler’s iPhone can be a strong source of power. But, with Apple’s new upgrade some people are not using it to its full potential. Read on for some easy tips and tricks to make the most of your iOS 10 device and to ensure smoother travels.

1. Use Siri and Intelligent Photo Searching to Quickly Pull Up Your Vacation Photos

Showing off those photos of your recent seaside escape or European getaway has never been easier. iOS 10 has intelligent photo search where it uses location tags and face recognition to pull up things like “dog” or “beach”. You can even ask Siri to find photos from a specific place, date or time frame. Just say, “Show me photos from…”

2. Get Better Service

Ok, this actually works with any version of iOS but it’s worth a note. There’s nothing more frustrating than having one dot of service or not getting connection in a place where you know there should be service. But, a quick reset of your network settings can help. An easy way to do this is by turning your phone on airplane mode for a few seconds, then turning it back off.  If that doesn’t work go into Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

3. Call an Uber Through iPhone Maps

Searching for the best way to get to the next stop on your itinerary? Look it up in iPhone maps and you can order your Uber right then and there.

4. A Quick Change Will Save Battery Life

There’s not much worse than seeing that ‘Low Battery’ sign pop up when there’s no charger in sight. For those who get a lot of notifications (think: email, Instagram, Snapchat…) a quick change of phone position can save some serious battery life. With the iOS 10 Facedown Detection feature, placing your phone face down will stop it from lighting up when a notification comes through.

5. Use the New Multilingual AutoCorrect & Keyboard

Whether you’re practicing a new language for your international getaway or you’re a pro jetsetter who speaks multiple languages, the Multilingual Autocorrect and Keyboard will make your messaging much easier. The autocorrect will no longer force foreign words into nonsensical English equivalents. All you have to do is add the Additional Language Dictionary to your device and choose the languages to include in the keyboard.

6. Turn Your Phone Into A Magnifying Glass

In the new operating system you can actually transform your camera into a magnifying glass. Just go to the accessibility options, Settings>General>Accessibility, and enable the Magnifier. From then on, you just have to triple-click the Home button to pull it up.

7. View Recently Closed Tabs

Researching for your next getaway and can’t quite remember where you read about that great restaurant or must-see spot? Use the iOS 10 recently closed tabs feature to pull up your recent activity.  Using the plus icon at the bottom of the Tabs screen, press and hold the plus button to see a list of recently closed pages.

Source: Travel And Leisure