South America is home to a number of natural treasures. From the world’s tallest waterfall to active volcanoes, here are a few must-see destinations that you absolutely cannot miss!

Iguaçu Falls

Depending on the season, the magnificent Iguaçu Falls straddles from the borders of Argentina and Brazil, making these natural trails just a jet boat ride or a helicopter tour away from an experience of a lifetime. Indeed a spectacular vista from wherever you stand.


If you’re heading for Vinicunca, you are in for a real treat. The Rainbow Mountain in Peru is a definite must visit. Take a hike if you are feeling adventurous through a kaleidoscopic palette of turquoise, magenta and gold –The end result is definitely worth it.

El Tatio

Rise and shine! Time to catch the geysers of the El Tatio when their most active to have the all-round experience. High up in the Altiplano is the geothermal field where the clouds of moisture create a surreal landscape. Time to take a dip in the natural springs before heading back to your next stop

Torres Del Paine

The peaks of the Torres Del Paine are the best known features of the natural park, but the many lakes and the Cuernos rocky peaks are equally stunning making it one of the most beautiful sights

Cotopaxi and the Avenue of the Volcanoes

Just 200 miles south from the country’s capital is Quito along Chimborazo, the tallest and even higher than Everest. Cotopaxi is for those inclined to experience this natural beauty through a hike that is painstaking but worth the climb

It’s no wonder they call it “The Land of Extremes” – it’s got something for everyone! What do you think?